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Swim and Surf shorts are for boys and Mommies too!

So, Gracious Thread’s Swim and Surf shorts are a huge hit in our house. E has 3 pairs, I have 2, and I am working 3 more pairs for our next beach trip… DE beach and Assateague here we come!!

I made Q this pair for our VAB and Asheville, NC trip. Who doesn’t need a vacation pair of short! BUT, vacation shorts or not,  if you can’t play soccer in them, they are no good!! PHEW! He’s working on balancing the ball and doing quite well!


So, you guessed it. The Swim and Surf pattern isn’t just for girls. Sure they were drafted with girls in mind, but he loves them and they fit him really well. His first pair I goofed up while cutting and they became his favorite PJ bottoms!   You can’t tell from this picture, but they are too short. He keeps asking to wear them out. I keep saying no.(You’d think I was tortured as a kid and made to wear high waters.) I have more of this material and should just make him a proper pair. This is the Mabel Madison Fabric I won nearly 2 years ago!! I couldn’t bare to cut it, but then slightly goofed. Oh well. Only in my eyes because he loves them!


These are my favorite though….I bought this fabric from Fabric Mart for a dollar a yard. Yep, one dollar!  I bought several yards of it now wishing I’d bought the bolt. Lesson learned.


Running in them? No problem!P1070268 (1) Love the bias tape down the side…the reason I goofed up the first pair is because I was going to make them straight across the bottom. But as you can see, they are awesome as Jessica designed them, even for boys!
P1070216 (1)

These will be packed for our Disney trip in November. However, all the small  E team members will have new shirts! Yea, I made the shirt too :). November will be our second trip to DW with the other two members of the E team.


The kids love the shorts. See, Q snuck them outside to ride his bike! E has her favorite pair on too…Maybe it has something to do with the Star Wars fabric?!

And, yes, that’s right! They have Mommy ones now too. You can find them here! These are my favs. Again, the fabric is from Fabric Mart. I bought it because it was comics, but I didn’t really like it at first. Now? I love it!! (Thanks, E, for taking pics for me <3)


This was my first pair….I just picked some scrap fabric that I bought 5 years ago and never used….I kinda like the fabric! No one will know it’s meant to be used for little boys! Shh!

P1070612 (2)

More Swim and Surf shorts coming for everyone…I wonder if we can convince Jessica to do a men’s version? LOL This was her first woman’s pattern and she knocked it out of the park!!

You can find both girl’s (or boy’s) and women’s patterns here at Gracious Threads’ Shop.

Jessica is offering 15% off 3 or more patterns till July 21st with the code SAVE15ON3.



Coming next, Eclipse Tankini swim suit from Gracious Threads which is on sale, and you can see it here.