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This tote needs a twin

I fell in love with this tote the minute I saw it 3 1/2 years ago. The 241 Tote, if I’m not mistaken,  was the first pdf pattern I bought! I think it was the pockets. They are so cute. So, when I was making a trade with a friend last week, she chose the 241 Tote! *Yay!*

I’ll be honest, I kind of forced the material upon her. Not sure if she’d truly like it, I started making it knowing that if she didn’t, I’d be super stoked to keep it for myself. I picture Becki as a rock and roll type of girl. She indulged me :).  So I used Michael Miller’s, “Damask Rock” and another fabric, designer unknown, that I thought was a nice compliment. The best part of the fabrics?….the fabrics were $1/yard! Yep, another score at Fabric Mart! I love their dollar days! 🙂 So I bought 5 yards knowing I’d make a bag out of it, or two, or three. The other material I had planned to make E a dress. I still can. 🙂

Here it is!


Isn’t it super cute? I love the black and white rock with the tie dye material. The tie dye adds a pop of color: yellow, purple, and blue. I didn’t add the zipper because I didn’t want to interrupt the cool damask.

Not only do I love the final results, but the pattern is super easy to make. After you print out the pattern pieces, tape them together to get 3 paper pattern pieces and cut our material, it can be sewn in less than an hour. NICE! Cut out your fabric and you are good to sew!

Here’s the first one I sewed. Can you tell what I did wrong, haha. Now I’m sure it was my first pdf!


Not too too bad…it has it’s own charm. E loves it so that’s all that matters. She has all of her Rainbow Loom bands in it.

Of course I had to try it again. Ruthie(husband’s cousin) and the family were visiting from Australia. In our spare time, I was busy making things for Ruthie to take home. She had to go home with a 241 Tote. We visited Wooden Bridge for fabric and I got to work. The nice thing about this pattern is it’s a quick cut and a quick sew. Uninterrupted? Start to finish it takes about an hour. With the zipper, a little longer.


She ended up really liking the inside too….(look out, crooked pic. I took it then only to document that I made it ;). )


Teacher Christmas gifts 2013………241 totes! What teacher can’t use another tote? Mrs. S’s favorite color is blue and Ms. K’s is red.  To shake it up, I decided to do a tie on the blue one.

241.2 241.3

Ms. K’s has a neat material for the pockets and straps.The material reminds me of minky. However, it has a brocade look to it. I’d made a skirt for E out of it and had enough to add to the tote. It has a nice soft cozy feel.

241.4 241.5

Back to my favorite! I love when combinations of fabrics work out well! I told Becki that her tote will have a twin…just as soon as I have time to sew for myself.


Not only is this pattern a quick and easy project, the possibilities are endless. I want to make one that has different center material on each side yet still complimenting the pockets. You can use 1,2,or 3 different materials, or more. There is are zipper options as well. I have not done one yet even though welt zippers are my favorite. I love the finished look of a welt zipper, so I will be doing one on mine…maybe even on the inside. Remember, I didn’t want to interrupt the damask on the twin tote ;). And the strap…I often make it longer and you can too. How about using hardware to make the strap adjustable? The interior pockets… put them in or leave them off. Play around with it.

I was a beginner with pdf patterns when I first made this tote, hence my pattern assembly glitch. So remember, 3 pattern pieces.  This pattern  was a great way to learn to sew curved pieces like Anna has in her side attachments and  the exterior pockets.  I had no clue how that was going to be done so it was a great learning experience. This pattern is also offers the opportunity to learn to assemble a tote or purse using a small opening in the lining to turn it. Truly, it’s just cute!

Ready to make one yourself? Here it is, the 241 Tote pattern!

Anna Graham’s patterns rock!  I’m also a huge fan of her divided basket pattern as well! I’m not sure if there is a family member that has not received one yet!

dv1dv2Okay, gotta go start my 241 Tote!



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