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It was a good Halloween!

Halloween was a success. I got both of their costumes done~ a bit of a time¬†challenge. Phew! Q’s was easy…hair gel, a couple pins, and an inverted umbrella. E’s needed a bit more attention and some patiences stringing raindrops.


Do you have a guess as to what she was?


A storm cloud! ūüôā

She’s ready for her parade at school.


I made her a base dress….one that might be able to double as a dress for church ;).


We bought 2.5 yards(end of bolt) metallic tulle and ¬†6 yards of cheese cloth to make her into a storm cloud. We dyed the cheese cloth green and then black to get this ominous ¬†green-gray color. Okay, it doesn’t look green-gray here, but it is ;).


She was very excited when I found this picture on Pinterest. I think it’s pretty close.

Here is a head shot of the statue and below is the full figure. This is Rain 4 by Alexandra Koukinova.


Before T0T’ing last night, I added two more long strands of raindrops. After about a half hour, guess who ended up wearing the hat? If you said, “Mommy,” you’d be correct. It didn’t take long for me to understand why she didn’t want to wear it. I knew the glass beads would weigh it down, but not as much as it did. As the night went on, it seemed the hat drooped more and more. It was not heavy feeling on the head, but it was wide and the beads were a pain bc they moved and caught beams of light from flashlights.

She became, “Swamp zombie!” LOL

Q wanted to go as a Dalmatian…again. I had to say¬†no. While his costume would have fit well enough…but he’s BTDT, twice. Since he doesn’t really enjoy dressing up, I found¬†Windy man. That was perfect!


Q didn’t want too much fussing. We pinned a newspaper and a shopping bag to his pants, slicked back his hair and pinned up his coat. He was good to go.

His tie kept falling forward…he didn’t care :). He was TOT’ing and was happy!

E’s a bit disheveled here. She didn’t care either. ¬†ūüôā


E and Q were pleased with their costumes. The weather was awesome as it wasn’t too¬†chilly. There were no, “I’m cold!” complaints. Yay.


I haven’t been around much lately. I started working full time 3 weeks ago. ¬†I’m exhausted at night and the weekends are crazy. E turned 10 a few days ago, so between the family party and the kid party/sleepover, it’s been busy. ¬†Now we are prepping for Q’s birthday and I’m having my shoulder fixed. (Tore my bicep this summer and MRI was clear…..Yea, I knew that was wrong. The doc now agrees with me. I’m not in the wrong profession. I just know my body. ūüėČ )

I have a few things in the works to share. I just need time. Thanks for stopping by!