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Just like Jacqueline; my version of Mrs. Kennedy’s pink suit!

I’m back! Both surgeries went well. I am still recovering from bicep surgery, but it was a success because I can sew! I am back to work just over a month now. Let me show you what I made over the last two weekends.



My girlfriend’s  daughter needs a dress for her President’s Day report. She chose former first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. She was one well-dressed woman!

Pink dress JKO

A long time ago, I found this super cute dress from Jess of Me Sew Crazy  and bookmarked it. (I wasn’t on Pinterest yet 😉 )   As soon as my friend asked me about making a dress for her daughter, J, I thought of Jess’s dress and sent her the link.  She sent me a couple links for other dresses, I searched the Etsy’s shops, and googled for a little Jackie dress but came up empty handed. So, what else could I do but make my own!

I used a vest pattern to merely come up with sizing for the chest area. I added sleeves onto the bodice and ended up with a bodice that was too big on the front side and possibly too small no the backside.  DOH! But, it did fit E who is just a smidgen bigger than J.


For the bottom of the dress, I started cutting and it was too small. Ugh. So I cut 2 HUGE squares and went to work. I put a pleat in the front , sewed the front to the back, and had one gigantic skirt! Haha. Bigger is better than too small though. I knew I’d have to cut it down. But, I had a zipper to install, so it was no big deal.


Time to attach the bodice to the bottom. It took a few tries since I didn’t have my model here. My friend was so good to give me all the measurements I needed, chest, arms, waist, hip, waist to knee, and collar bone to waist.  The good thing is, E is only an inch bigger in all areas except length….and someone I know in our house was shorter like J, so he could slip it on for me! He was NOT very happy about it. {Sorry buddy!}  It was a good thing I had him try it on because it was then that I realized that the bodice was still too long……I needed shoulder to waist, not collar bone to waist!

The bodice was still bugging me. As I looked at it and at more pictures, I realized, I could manipulate the fabric and make it look like the bodice is buttoned! Woohoo!! J liked that idea too!



Perfect. The bodice was finally laying nicely.  It fit E like a glove and should fit J well, too!

I added a hidden zipper and *eeck* hand sewed a hook and eye at the top.


IMG_2301Next I finished seams and then we choose buttons and decided on a belt. I had some retro looking gold buttons that reminded me of the ones on Jacqueline’s pink suit. I sent some thread and pink buttons along and my friend can change the buttons out for something they like. As for the bow, just a simple bow hand-sewn onto an adjustable velcro belt. I put loops on the side so it would stay in place.


Vintage looking, right?

Side belt loops…


And the pillbox hat….I found a Youtube tutorial from a really sweet girl. I love her hats. You can find the Threadbanger video tutorial here. It was super easy to make. Even though this was for a kid, the size she made was perfect for E, so hopefully it will be for J.


J could even wear it without the belt if she wanted.


There it is, the Jacqueline Kennedy knock-off dress. It arrived safely to VA and is just waiting for J to try it on. Fingers crossed!

(Not a great pic, but here it is on E…just a wee bit short.)


The fabric was a score. I happened to go to Fabric Mart and scored this vintage looking fabric for $2 yard! Ah, that feels great!



Next time: a pattern I tested!