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Summer sewing for vacation….DW

Finishing the school year, getting ready for vacation….then home after vacation…wooo! And I thought life was hopping when they were little!

Right after school let out for the summer, I’d been busy sewing for vacation. The Oliver + S reversible bucket hat pattern is a tried and true pattern that we love! I’ve been making it for a few years now. It’s a free pattern that you can find here.

E picked out some cute Disney material for her hat. I was so particular on how I cut the fabric…and I screwed it up. But you won’t be able to tell….so let’s move on to the reverse side.


Ah, good ole, or shall I say, bad ole DW characters. She’s not usually into the dark characters, but this called to her.

IMG_3975Both sides have glow in the dark thread lining the brim! It looks so cool at night or under black lights on some of the rides. Here’s the hat in action. It was so hot,  98* with a heat index of 104*. It was too hot to wear a hat, but a couple days into our stay, she needed to because the sunscreen was not agreeing with her sensitive skin. *sigh*


Here is Q”s hat. He refused to wear his, so I only have this picture… glow in the dark Mickey.  🙁  Oh well.

IMG_3977Pretty cool, eh?! He use to love hats.

They also needed shorts for our trip. Q is getting so picky and complains about a lot of his pants…and shirts…and ugh. He LOVED his Everest pants from Gracious Threads. I”m so glad that Jessica picked me back in the winter to test because had I not tested for her, I might not have found Q’s perfect pants. The Everest pants were designed to be long pants, but there is always a way to make them into shorts!! They are perfect for soccer…of course!P1000329




As I was making them into shorts, I added extra length so I would not get caught with shorty short shorts!  I really like them this length, but they would not have been good for the hot Florida weather. He will be getting a pair of longer shorts for the fall.

What? Soccer balls. Oh yea….aren’t those cool! A girl made those for me to fit my embroidery machine. She rocks. You can find her here on Etsy.




He needed another pair. Can you see those soccer balls on the next pair. Yea, you probably can form a mile away! I had no clue they were such a big file. I thought  because they were a free file, they’d be small. WRONG. Well, I had one started, so we needed matching pockets! He loves them.  And they glow in the dark too!!!!!! LOL

IMG_4002Here are E’s shorts! She got Gracious Thread’s Starfish Shorts for girls! (The hat is my modified version of the Oliver + S Reversible Bucket hat for women-it went to a local gal undergoing chemo) and the shirt is the Game Day Jersey from Aesthetic Nest.



P1000183 P1000182

It’s so fun seeing the kids wear things I’m made for them ! <3 They do it willingly!

Makes a momma feel good.

When we got home, the sewing didn’t stop.

Up next: What I’ve been sewing since we got home!!