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It’s an Eli Monster kind of summer!

Summer is a great time to sew! I have summers off so that leaves lots of sewing time. I’ve been testing a few patterns for a couple girls. One is particular has been so fun! I’ve been testing for Steph of The Eli Monster.

The testing started with the Ijsje Top. What a cute top and so easy to sew. Steph’s pattern uses a slightly different way to attach binding to the neckline and armscye. Armscye is a fancy word for armholes! Haha. You can ask me how to pronounce it because I googled it. It’s pronounced, “arm-sigh.” Some may say, “arms-eye” giving the “s” a “z” sound….but eh, I like Arm-Sigh!  So we’ll go with that, okay? Okay!

Steph’s armscye is really great and a rather fool-proof way of attaching binding. E thought it gave a bit of bulk to the shirts, but she still wears them.  The first shirt I made was a size 6 bodice with 12 length. Quick pic at Gramma’s house.

This one was with some testing fabric. The fabric I wanted to use wasn’t washed. Golden rule, wash fabric first…and wash it right away after purchasing! 😉

I’d given her E’s measurements and low and behold, she assigned me a size 6. SIX?!?!!? What? Okay, gave it a go and it was spot on. This is one reason why I love making clothes for the kids. They fit! Always go by the measurement chart when making a garment. And…don’t be afraid to mash two sizes together…length and width.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t hem this one and it’s a pinch long. Knits don’t fray so they don’t always need to be hemmed. Bonus! This gives her room to grow and she likes it longer.


I tried getting some better pics, but it just wasn’t working out.  Still cute though.

The second Ijsje was a 6 bodice with 7 shoulders mashed in there to give some more room in the armscye and a 12 length. She would like a wee bit more room in the pit. Sometimes you have to play with it when mashing with 3 sizes. Sure I could do just a straight 8, but the 6 fits her so well through the bodice. Next time, an 8 shoulder, 6 bodice and 12 length. 😉 I really like this one and E does too! The pics were a lot better as well.

P1010555 P1010567

She was getting a little cheeky and having fun. Love this picture.


The Ijsje top lead right into the Feestje Dress. I was a little leery because we didn’t have a pic of it, but that is where faith comes in to play. This girl can design! Here’s why.



This is the Feestje Dress, a retro party dress. It has such a cute  symmetrical collar just waiting to be embellished with a button, flower, or whatever you want to put there! One of the girls even used her base material, no button, and it was adorable!

We went to Paisley & Co. downtown Kutztown to take some pictures. Prefect place for a dress like this!

P1010780 The fabric we chose was in the sale bin at Wooden Bridge Drygoods. I saw it, loved it, but left it. When I went back to to pick up a zipper, it screamed at me to take it home. You’ve had that happen, right? Sure.  😉


E loves this shop…as do I. There are so many beautiful smelling homemade items. I dare you go walk in and out without buying something!



Look at the hidden zipper. Okay, that sounds corny. But there really is a zipper there. I have done zippers and hidden ones in the past. I wouldn’t call my self an expert, but Steph has  did a great job explaining how to put in a hidden zipper.

P1010746It’s fun shopping at Paisley & Co. especially in such a beautiful dress. There are rubber duckies for everyone! It’s always been a draw for the kids ever since they were little…and now even when they are big!

We left the dress a pinch longer than intended. E is growing so fast these days, she’d outgrow it before school even starts! It’s meant to sit right above the knee. Add a petticoat for more poof and twirl for your sweet little girl.


We really could have hung out all day. The weather was gorgeous and Joanna, Mikala and the girls are always so sweet when we visit.


E has already put in an order for another! But before that, Steph is not finished.

Up next in her design bag is another beautiful retro dress….come back soon to see it. E and I are both super excited to be testing this one!