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The Konijntje Jacket…by The Eli Monster

Sometimes you have the perfect fabric, just not the prefect pattern. Never fear! It will arrive. The Konijntje Jacket was the perfect pattern for my perfect fabric. I’m a big fan of the 50’s and okay, of the early 60’s. (Not so much of all the bell bottoms and tie dye even though there are a few pictures of me in tie dye shirts in the 90’s..a few decades too late.)

I was a tester for Steph’s Konijntje Jacket. Steph, blogger of The Eli Monster,  takes such care and time developing her patterns and she had another great group of testers for this pattern. Steph did not rush this and it just shows that she is patient and does a great job with her patterns.

Konijntje Jacket (3)

The material, a rather tough one to work with, is from Fabric Mart. I believe I paid $1 yard for it in the retail store. I knew it would be a jacket one day. I can’t even remember when I bought it…so yea, probably that long ago. I almost had second thoughts about using it. But, after seeing Steph’s Konijntje Jacket, I knew this was IT!

P1040883 (3)

This jacket has all the best finishing touches with a placket, lining, and inset sleeves. This is by far the fanciest jacket I’ve done. Oh, wait, it’s the first lined jacket with inset sleeves I’ve ever done. 😉


The lining is yet another Fabric Mart $1 find and was the perfect weight for the lining. That is the bagged lining…not bad for my first try!


This is a cropped jacket with a very stylish asymmetrical button line leading up to the stand up collar!


I love the peek-a-boo buttons!

With my material being woven, loosely woven as in, you can pull threads away, I wish I’d thought to use some fusible interfacing in it. My material was thick, but not stable. A tighter weave would have allowed it to stand as it’s meant to stand. But this won’t stop her from wearing it. Five hours after we took these photos, E was still wearing it! <3 Love that….it’s the true sign of loving a jacket.


The pattern comes in sizing from 2-12. It’s really easy to mash sizes too to make it just right for your girl. E is wearing a 6 bodice with a 12 length.


Someone got a little silly while taking pictures…



She needs to work on her ‘robot’ moves! lol

All in all, this jacket was great to sew up. During testing, I went through a couple linings and then accidentally attached the wrong lining to the proper shell. {Palm to forehead} *Out of fabric, the lesson was learned. I never set the first one aside! Argh!

Start with the lining for fit, move on to the shell, and in no time you will have a gorgeous jacket for someone special!

The Konijntje Jacket will be on sale till Monday, Jan 4th, for just $7. Get it while it’s on sale because after the 4th, it will go to $9.

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