Metropolitan Pants, the new favorites!

I bought the Metropolitan Pants from Terra’s Treasures Designs over a year ago. I printed out the pattern and then the pattern sat! BIG mistake! 

Her face says it all…Yes, I should have made these a long time ago! I wanted to! Honest!  These are going to be a staple in her fall wardrobe, that’s for sure!


The pattern ranges from a size 0-3mos to 10. These are a size 6 waist and 12 capri length.

So how did I get a size 12….Well, with E’s waist matching a 6, I just make them long enough for her. That’s the beauty of making clothes. It’s easy to adjust a pattern to the length and width you need.


If you have a tall skinny kiddo like E who is, for example,  a 6 waist and 12 length, cut the top of the pants as if she/he were a 6, but instead of stopping at where the size 6 pants end,  cut straight down past the size 10. I looked at the distance btw the 8 and 10, and went that same distance from the 10 to guess where the 12 would be if it were included in the pattern.

*If your kiddo is short, just stop cutting at whatever size length the chart shows is near your kiddo’s height. For example, your child’s waist is a 6 but according to the chart, their height matches a 5. Cut a 6 waist, but stop cutting the length when you get to the size 5 pant bottoms on the pattern.

The first thing that drew me to the pattern was the fit. The welt pockets were the second. Terra has a great tutorial for the welt pockets if you have never done them. They are so easy and fun to do.


E picked out these cute little acorns and I have to say, I was leery. But aren’t they cute?!


The Metropolitans are great for climbing trees….or trying to, anyway.


These will be great pants for E through the fall, both capri and pant style…..with a heavier weight, she will be able to wear them through the winter as well.

Terra’s Treasures Design Etsy shop is currently having a sale….30% off with the

code BACKTOSCHOOL through Aug 7th.



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