Dyyni Skirt has been released!

Have you seen the new skirt from Pienkel? The amazingly talented woman behind this skirt, Nienke, has just released the Dyyni Skirt pattern! Isn’t it gorgeous!? It’s on sale for $6.08 (US) until Sept. 16th.

When Nienke first put out the call for testers, I was bent on testing so I didn’t have to wait to buy the pattern. 😉  There is a reason why I couldn’t wait…it was meant to be.

At the end of last school year, a kindergartener with impeccable fashion taste, came to school wearing her own pairing. She wore a double skirt, one skirt on top of another. It was the cutest thing. The fabrics didn’t match or coordinate but they looked so cute together. I had goosebumps! I told her how awesome it was that she put her skirts together for such a great fashion statement. I let her know that I would be making a double skirt over summer. Well, summer came and went. Lucky for me, Nienke was working on the pattern like the  fashion trend my little friend was wearing!


Nienke’s pattern is a 6 gored skirt. What’s gore? I had to look it up, but it means triangular or tapered piece of material.  That means it’s wider at the bottom which = twirl factor!! So a six gored skirt means it has six panels per layer. Mine has 12 gores 🙂 .


The pattern is extremely well constructed. She has beautiful pictures to go along with her instructions. And, it’s such a versatile pattern…

Pockets or no pockets

Woven waistband or  yoga waistband, single or double

Double layer skirt (12 gore) or single layer 6 gore

Gathering on the skirt too!! (see the gathering here)

There are what? 30+ different combinations for this skirt!!! Awesome!

Nienke offers beautiful passed-down sewing techniques to help you construct a garment that will make you smile!


Check out  the ^bias tape^? I had that material in my stash and had planned for that to be the under layer. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough and Wooden Bridge didn’t have anymore. It was kind of a bummer, but I decided to (finally) try my hand at making bias tape! I’m hooked 😉 Visible bias tape was a small change  I made so I could incorporate this material.


I really appreciate when a pattern runs big enough for older kiddos. The Dyyni skirt runs from a 2y to 16y. Because I started sewing again when E was 6, I missed sewing all those cutesy patterns. Now that she’s 10, I love finding a great pattern that works for tweens and teens. It’s all about choosing the right material for a tween.

E does enjoy a good twirl now and then….next time she needs to take her hands out of her pockets for a little more air. 😉


The skirt even comes with an optional gather(seen here), but E, being E, opted for her skirt without the gather on the outer layer.


Hop on over to Pienkel to see more from the pattern! You can see the gathering as well on the cute little models.

You can find the pattern here and if you use the code DYYNILAUNCH25 by September 16th, you can save 25%. In the US, that is $6.08! Sweet!

Thank you, Nienke for choosing me. I think I was meant to meet you for a few reasons 😉 Your sewing roots run deep, as do mine. My Gram passed away as I was testing and Nienke and I talked about my gram… so every time I see this skirt on E, I will think of her <3.



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