White Beauty…my favorite tool!

This, my dear sewing friends, is my favorite tool. (Can you see the two needle holes? Oops!)favorite tool

I have no idea what it’s office called. I consider it to be a sibling to this thing!


I bought the white beauty about 2 years ago from my local mennonite fabric shop, Wooden Bridge. As I said before, it’s one of those places that has more fabric and supplies than imaginable in one little store. It’s nicely organized, so that’s a bonus. The mennonite women sew most of their clothes, so they have all the no-tech tools that work so well!!

I was peeking through the notions one day and happened upon the white ‘thing.’ I had no clue what it as used for, but once Anna May told me, there was no way I was leaving without it!! Wish I’d bought two, or three, or four! It quickly became my favorite tool…until I misplaced it about 6 mos ago. I took myself back to WB to get another and much to my disappointment, it’s hook was empty and replaced with some other notion. Not one white hemmer was to be found in the store.  Anna May had an idea of what I wanted, but called it a Jean-A-Ma-Jig. I was very excited when she offered to order me one of those white beauties.  However, when they came in, red, I was a bit sad. Oh, don’t get me wrong! The red one works like a charm. But there is just something about my white one. Maybe it’s the beautiful point at the end, the slightly bigger size, or the side angle that can go under one side of the presser foot. Often times I just point-push with it like this. (Sorry for the bad pictures. My camera took a dive the other day. I can’t preview, and…well,  I need a new camera :(…but you get the idea 😉  )


The funny thing is, when I started using my white hemmer, I used it like this…all the time! I’d lift my presser foot and insert it however I needed it.



…never realizing that it can be used like this when approaching a bulky area!


I just always made it work the other way. The seams of jeans aren’t long, so I was always able to insert mine in from the front and it worked just fine. I can see where using from the backside would work very well! Maybe I’ll try it next time  :).


Hemming a bulky seam is not about going fast and zipping off. I think that’s why it worked my way.  I can also use the pointed part to guide it through if it’s a small bulky spot. Easy peasy!

And, yes, I finally located it! PHEW!!

Do you have a tool that you love, but use it in an unconventional way. Or maybe you used it in a way it wasn’t meant to be used? Do tell!

And, if you ever find a white beauty, buy one, or two or three…and let me know!




P.S. I went back the other day to show Anna May(owner) the white beauty. She is going to see if she can get some in! YAY!!

Next time…


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