New jeans + a boy + recess = holes!

School is about to start in our neck of the woods. It’s still warm, so for now, Q will be wearing shorts. But in no time the weather will turn cool and we’ll break out the jeans! Inevitably, this will happen!


It really stinks when they put holes in their brand new jeans. But, it happens. Heck, it even happens to girls. E had a pair that ended up with  holes in both knees! So last year when Q put holes in multiple pairs of jeans, I was desperate to save them. Google was my friend and I found this post on Make it -Love it. The British flag was perfect for Q’s first hole.  I wanted to try this monster one from One Artsy Mama, but he wasn’t game. I thought it was so cute!

Here’s my version of the flag. It looks all fun and distressed once it’s washed!


Not too shabby if I do say so myself!


Then, with pair #2, Q requested to design it himself. I was a bit hesitant on his design, but …WOW, how fun it turned out!

Pop Patch


I should know not to doubt him! He’s quite artistic.



So, by the end of the year, E’s favorite jeans had two holes! She wanted an E Supergirl patch!  No problem sweetheart! It’s pink, of course!


She ripped the other knee not long after, but alas, it didn’t get done. She just tried to squeeze into them to prove it was okay for me to fix them with a Wonder Woman patch…yea, no. No bending room and too short!

Even Aunt J wanted a patch! She came over one night in her favorite pair of jeans that were wearing on the side.  She was hoping I could save them. I said,  “Take them off and let’s go!”


Some patches are just for fun. E loves the Eiffel Tower, so we decided to fancy up these jeans.

jeansE1We even put a little something on the backside just to be crazy!
When I first saw the super cute patches, I wondered how everyone got the jeans on their machines to put the patches on. Yea……they ripped the seam. I was nervous to do it the first time….but as it turned out, it’s really easy! Make your patch and open the outer seam of the pant leg. The outer seam is a thinner seam than the inner thigh seam. It’s a serged seam  and while it’s not hard to undo, it just takes a bit of time. Rip the seam a wee bit past the area that needs a patch, sew the patch on, then sew up the seam. I like to use a short zigzag stitch on my patches, but a straight stitch can add it’s own character to a patch as well! Easy peasy!

These beat the ole iron-on patches!!

Are you a jean patcher or do you rock your holes with style?




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