Super fun thread

I have my favorite thread to show you! Look….it glows!!


What kid wouldn’t love to have something sewn with this glow in the dark thread!?! I found it a couple years ago and just had to have it!

I started using it on these hats for the kids. Oliver + S ‘s hat pattern is so nice to put together. So, how about a brim that glows! Or a Mickey that glows! Fantastic!!                      We were heading to Disney and I wanted to make the kids each a hat. I decided that the base and brim needed a little something special. That would mean they would glow on certain rides or even at night. They both like to wear hats and have worn them since they were wee babes.

This is Q’s hat…..hat1

And the best part? It’s reversible!!hat2

He chose his fabrics with a little help from me, but then chose the colors for Mickey!

Want to see Mickey glow? (Sorry it’s blurry. it’s really hard to take pictures in complete darkness.)

hat77 This is E’s hat…..the pink fabric is a fat quarter from JAF that I got for 50 cents when our store was relocating! Does it remind you of  Mickey, all the circles? If you have ever been to DW, the resorts have Mickeys all around and sometimes they look like this pink material, so I nabbed it up along with a green one. Later on at another JAF, I found a beige one. I wish I could buy it by the yard.


The reverse side is a black flowery fabric, a remmie that I got when we went to Australia in 2011. Spotlight rocks! It was lying on a shelf, this lonely little scrap. I had to have it! Isn’t it gorgeous? I wish they’d had more. It would make a beautiful bag.


We left the black flower fabric plain and put a glowing Mickey on the pink side.  This picture came out better, and if you squint, you can see the brim glowing too 🙂hat88

How fun is that!! I do have a bobbin wound with the glow thread for the reversible hats 😉 Can’t glow on one side and not the other!

Several months ago, I was making a cape for a lil girl who is the great niece of a friend from church. She was waiting for a kidney transplant and she received one from a substitute teacher she happened to have one day. YAY!! Sweet lil girl!! Well, her cape needed a fancy glowing superhero K! So, yea, that wasn’t a “K” for me  ;).


Check out the squirrels from David Walker’s, “Get Together” line, Squirrels and Nuts. This was another $2(first trip) and $1(second trip) find at Fabric Mart.


The inside was a warm fleece so she can lay it over her lap during the day if she got cold.


Capes are so easy and forgiving. Glow in the dark thread makes them even more spectacular!  Katelynn is doing very well last I heard, going to school and everything! YAY!

Then a friend asked me to make two more for her friend’s children. This pink one was for 3 year-old C,  who is undergoing chemo. She loves anything princess, so sparkly swirls was the only choice! You can see how she’s doing by going here, to Love for Chloe on Facebook.

cape4The underside is a thin flannel to provide a wee bit of warmth in their warm climate.

Here’s the glow!

Chloe’s holding her own but P&PT would be great!

This is her lil  brother’s cape. Can’t forget the brother ;).  He got  the blue Squirrles and Nuts!


Here’s his Superman logo. His logo is on a thin navy flannel.

cape 5

It’s hard to see his L in the picture above, so below is his L. (Sorry again for the bad picture…picture of a picture. It’s better than the original picture… I took this last December when I was nowhere near blogging mode.)

cape 99

How fun!!

Everyone was very happy with their capes! There’s nothing better than feeling like a superhero!

There are a few glow in the dark threads out there. Mine glow the same ‘glow’ color even if the non glowing color is different.

This is what I have.


When I leave my sewing room at night, this is what I see. Cool, eh?!


Both of my threads are Robison-Anton Textile Co.. Can you see the price? $12 a spool. Not cheap, but it’s a specialty thread. You can see which one I had first and use a lot 😉glow3

What have your or would you use glow in the dark thread on?



Next time: cape11

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