Make your own superhero logo

Ready to make a superhero cape for your lil ones or make a patch for jeans? Excellent! Make it big or little. Use glow thread or fun thread.  It’s doesn’t matter.

Start off by searching, “printable superman logo stencil,” click ‘images,’  and you will have a heap to choose from. A blank one will even show up if you want to draw your own inside.  Print off the look you like…. enlarge it or shrink it if needed. I enlarged mine to 140%, landscape.   Here is what I chose to use as a base. As you can see below, the logo is outlined in black, but I left a 1/4″ around it to have room to zigzag the logo onto the capes.



Using the ole widow trick…I transferred the logo shape (not the ‘s’) to a blank piece of paper.


You can even see it well enough to trace from just placing it on your counter. Or better yet, maybe you have one of those nifty tracing boxes.


Next,  google, “superman logo letter *chose a letter*” to find one you like. I found a C I liked and  freehanded  it on since I couldn’t print a big enough one  that I liked. You will have a few different styles of each letter to choose from.   If you are lucky enough to find one that prints big enough, you are good to go. I drew my letter C based on what I saw here. This is my hand-drawn C along with my markings of what was to be filled in with glow thread. Sharpies helps to see it under your fabric when transferring it.


I planned it out, outlined using a Sharpie, and marked where I wanted the glow. You can see above that my first attempt at the C cut the bottom of the C a bit skinny, so I modified it.  You could sew your thread the opposite of what I did and have the letter glow along with an outside boarder. I just liked it this way 😉

You have a few options to get it on your fabric, and  you can cut your fabric before or after transferring your logo on it.

Option #1: Hold it up to a window with fabric over your sharpie traced logo. Use  a marking tool that will fade, erase, or wash away, trace what you need on your fabric.


Option #2: Use tracing paper to mark your lines.

Option #3: Pin the logo to your fabric and sew right over top of the paper to outline your letter. Use your longest stitch so the paper rips off easier.  The only problem with this option is you can’t use the paper again.

I used option #1.  I might try #3 sometime as that seems very easy(think paper piecing) and I wouldn’t mind recreating a logo if needed.

Next, stitch your logo with your fancy thread. I used a medium weight fusible interfacing to make my fabric easier to stitch. Depending on the weight of the fabric you are stitching, you may want to add either a light or medium weight fusible interfacing to make stitching easier. The fleece I used  has a little give to it, so I used a medium weight interfacing to stiffen my fabric. Even cotton can have a little bit of stretch, so to avoid it bunching up or stretching while you sew, adding a fusible interfacing will prevent it from rippling, or bunching.


Zigzag stitch the logo to your cape with your glow thread or whatever fancy thread you have chosen!



Go here to see them glow!


For a patch, I cut the exterior shape . Then I cut an E to fit inside the logo matching some of the outer logo angles. Attach the E to the logo shape with a zigzag stitch and then sew the patch to the jeans. Fun! Go here for the full tutorial to attach patches.Epatch

Who’s your superhero and what superhero accessory have you made for him or her?



Later: E’s Sunday surprise 🙂

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