Move over cinnamon rolls….E’s Sunday yummy is here!

There’s a new yummy in town! Cinnamon Roll Cookie Bars are here!! Look at them! All that yummy frosting goodness! *drool*


Here’s how she made them. E gathered everything she needed: yellow cake mix, brown sugar, sugar,  coconut oil(instead of butter),  eggs, and cinnamon~lots of it!


Dump everything in your bowl to mix it. HA! It’s that easy; no separating dry and wet. Easy peasy!


E mixed it and dumped it in her greased pan. It came out in a clump.


She spread it around the pan with her spatula.(Sorry it’s small. I had to switch computers and or some reason it came out small.)


Then she flattened it a bit with a spatula. (Yes, we call this a spatula too. 😉 )


Then she popped it in the oven for 25 minutes.

CRCB8We checked on it after 20 min.  I used a cake tester, ie:spaghetti noodle, to see if the inside was done. I looked done, but was still wet inside, so we let it go the last five minutes.  I put aluminum foil on it so the edges didn’t get too brown. 😉


Frosting time! Powdered sugar and milk is all it takes. Mix it up.


Spread it on!





This was super easy to make.

E used coconut butter, aroma free, instead of butter.

She measured out  the cinnamon as per the original recipe, 3.5 tablespoons, but only used 3T. Next time we mighy use only 2T instead and add a drop of cinnamon oil in the frosting 🙂 So, add cinnamon to your liking.

I found the recipe here on Pinterest. It can also be found here on the Blissful Whimsy site too!

This one is a keeper! BUT, we  all agreed. I dollup of vanilla ice cream would be awesome!!




Next time:



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