My fight against motion sickness and nausea

I get car sick very easily and it has gotten worse in the last year or so. I can’t ride in my husband’s car without feeling unwell.  While I don’t get car sick in my car when he drives, we were going on vacation and would be spending 9 hrs driving to NC. A week later, we’d drive another 9 hrs to Disney. I wanted a motion sickness band to help me along the way just in case.  I’ve had issues when we spend a lot of time in the car, no matter who’s car. I borrowed my girlfriend’s bands in the past, but they are so ugly! This is what I came up with.


It worked like a charm!! I gave one to a sweet girl that runs a shop in town. She gets car sick and when I heard she was taking a road trip to Philly, I wanted to see if they worked for her too. She said it worked! YAY! Next, I made E a set! I used interfacing with hers. That was a definite must for the next time I make them! That brings me to today. My dear sweet friend is pregnant and you know it can make some girls feel absolutely awful. I sent her this pink pair today to try to relieve her nausea or at least take the edge off.

I also made a tutorial for you incase you have a sweet friend or family member that needs relief from the dreaded motion sickness or nausea.

You will need:

1  piece of material 11 X 3″  (This is for a child or woman’s 5-6.5 inch wrist…. Add an inch to the length for a man. If you are making this for a child, you can make size adjustments just prior to attaching the 2nd piece of velcro based on trying it on your little one.)

1 piece of interfacing 11 X 1.5″ {depending on the weight of your fabric, you can use anything from Pellon 809 to 931. You may use whatever brand you like.}


1″ D ring

piece of velcro, 1.5″, double sided or regular.

1 small piece of Sugru  rolled into a 3/8″ ball, as per manufacturer’s instructions for hardening.

What is Sugru? Check out Jane  and her Sugru here! You could also use any small round hard object like a stainless steel ball that is of similar size. If you don’t think you’d ever wash it, you could probably use playdoh 😉 I throw mine in the wash now and then.

My Sugru ball…




Take your piece of 11 X 3 material, fold it hotdog style, and iron it.

One you have ironed a light crease down the middle, open it up for the next step. (I drew a line down the middle for demonstration purposes.) Once opened, fold one side in to the center. Leave a smidge (1/8″ ) so it will fold nicely and not be too bulky. Iron this folded side flat.


Then fold the other side in to the center like you did above and press well.


Open up the folds and insert your interfacing. Then iron it well to adhere the facing.


Serge the ends or use a zigzag. Even a straight stitch would be fine if you turn it over.


Then fold it like a hotdog again and press well!


Now you will begin to attach your D ring. Slide the material into the ring and fold over about a 1/2 inch of material.


I like to use the left needle position and put the ring in so it butts up against the presser foot. That makes a nice straight sewn line. Sew on the top side  .


Now you need to make the pocket to insert the Sugru (or ball of your choosing.) Starting about 2 inches away from the D ring on the open side.(I drew a line for demonstration purposes.)  Using a very small seam allowance( approx 1/8″) sew along the open edge, for approx 2 inches  towards the D ring.  It’s easier to head towards the D ring rather than sewing away from the ring and starting with the ring under the presser foot.



Insert the Sugru ball. You may have to work it up into the sleeve, pushing it up as close as you can get it to the D ring.


FInish sewing the side seam closed.


Now you must sew a second enclosure line to keep the Sugru in it’s place.


It’s time to attach the velcro. Start with the velcro that goes right next to the Sugru pressure point ball.  I typically attach the softer velcro side first, closest to the ring. I like to zigzag my velcro. It gets tricky near the ball. Just take your time.  A jean-a-ma-jig will help if you have one.


*Now it’s time to make adjustments to the length before adding the second velcro piece depending on your subject’s wrist. Try it on their wrist. If the end of the band hits at the farthest end of the velcro at the ring, perfect. If it’s longer, cut some off and re-zigzag(or serge) the end seam.

Add the velcro to the opposite end. It may seem counterintuitive, but the end velcro goes on the same side as the velcro piece you just attached. Zigzag it on.

(You may notice that my end has been turned over. This is not necessary, but is an option prior to attaching the veclro. I did not turn the end over on the second one I did in this material for my friend.)


You are done! (The top one isn’t misshaped.  Once you put it on, it takes on the curve shape so it’s not flat on the table 😉 )


Here it is on!


This is what everyone else sees…a cute fabric bracelet! You can sew a fake seam on the other side if you want to, for asethetic purposes 😉


These are super cute and anything that makes riding in the car a pleasant experience is great in my book!

The ones I’ve made fit my skinny 7 year old son, my 9 year old daughter and me. I’d have to do a 13 X 3″ one for my husband who has an 8″ wrist. These are E’s.

Here is a tutorial on how to find the P6 accupressure point, the one that relieves nausea. The Sugru ball goes on this pressure point.

It is best to wear a band on each arm. I do sometime get away with one. But if I know the ride will be tough, I wear E’s pair. TIme for me to make the mate to mine 🙂

Happy riding!



Next time: E’s Sunday surprise!



6 thoughts on “My fight against motion sickness and nausea

  1. These are cute! I have a set of the sea bands ready for a third round of being prego(have never used them). Has anyone ever commented if these work for morning sickness? I’d love to make cute ones if they work 🙂 thank you!

    1. Hi Amy,
      I made these for my girlfriend who was pregnant. She did find relief with using them-takes the edge off of the unpleasantness.
      She wore them a lot!!
      Keep playing with them if you feel they aren’t working. There are particular spots on one’s wrists where they work optimally!
      I wish I’d had them when I was pregnant with #2 (I was hospitalized 3 times 😉 )
      Nowadays I wear them anytime I’m in my husband’s new car….not bc of his driving but bc of the car! LOL!

      Good luck!!
      Let me know if the seabands work for you!

    1. Hi! The band should be tight enough so whatever little ball you put in can put some pressure on the pressure point. Normally, I just make the band snug, but not too tight that it’s uncomfortable.
      If I am already motion sick, I make them fairly tight and loosen them when the nausea starts to fade of if it becomes uncomfortable. I’d say make it as sung as you can with it still being comfortable to wear. I often wear them for a bit after traveling 😉
      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the wonderful post.

    My kido is terrible with motion sickness. She cannot go in car even for 20 min..she will throw up.I would like to try this.. Have one question.. will a plastic bead of similar size will work in place of Sugru Ball?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Anitha,

      Poor kiddo!! Motion sickness is horrid. I used Sugru because we had it. I debated buying BB’s. I bet a plastic crafting bead would work well as it will still hit the pressure point. I hope this brings your daughter relief. If it doesn’t initially, keep playing with the pressure point area. Good luck.

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