Q’s quick Saturday night hot fudge sauce!

It’s time for Q’s Saturday night sweet!


We were at the grocery store the other afternoon. Q wanted something special to go on his ice cream. Ah, I didn’t really want to buy any store bought sauces, but I offered to let him make some homemade hot fudge to go on top. With all the yummy recipes out there, we could do it!!!  But, I didn’t buy any heavy cream or sweetened condensed milk while we were there. So, we were going to have wing it. Let me tell ya, there’s nothing wrong with winging it when it comes to chocolate! 😉

Let’s get started!  This is what we used….but, it’s very forgiving so substitute whatever you have in the house! Below: skim milk, agave, 2 Hershey’s bars, artisan cocoa(unsweetened), coconut oil, salt, and vanilla.

QHFS1In a small sauce pan, pour your milk, agave, cocoa powder, salt, and chocolate bars. Whisk them well till the cocoa powder and chocolate bars are incorporated.


Then whisk as needed. Bring the mixture to a boil whisking constantly to avoid burning or over boiling.


Remove the pan from the heat and add the coconut oil and vanilla.


Bring it back to a boil for one minute. Let it cool before sampling ;)!

We removed it from the heat, let it cool a bit, and poured it in these cute little canning jars.


Below: On the left, was our first jar which is almost gone. For our first try we used corn syrup and I also put 2 tsp of corn starch in it to try to thicken it so it would be more like thick hot fudge when warm. It thickens nicely when refrigerated, but I won’t put it in again. It was too hard to get the lumps of corn starch out. (If you do want to use corn starch, I’d recommend you add it through a hand held strainer and stir quickly.)  While it is slightly thinner than store bought while warm, the flavor is incredible!

The middle jar is made with just agave; no corn starch was added. The jar on the right is noticeably darker, eh? It was made with full aroma coconut oil, unlike the other two jars. They were both made with aroma free coconut oil.(If you don’t like coconut oil, aroma free would be for you. It has no coconut flavor at all.)  While I thought the full aroma oil would have a strong coconut flavor, it does not. There is a slight hint of coconut flavor to it. I love it! My husband will not! Hehehe it’s all mine!!


When refrigerated, the batch we made with 2 tsp of corn starch was more like store bought. It was thick on the spoon when cold.


The two batches we did today without the corn starch are thinner and don’t clump on the spoon like above. But thick store bought doesn’t mean better. The flavor of all 3 of ours wins hands down over store bought any day!

It was time to try it! We grabbed our ice cream, the fudge sauce, and some sprinkles-we love sprinkles in our house.


A spoonful of fudge sauce over a scoop of ice cream…


Some dinosaur sprinkles from Australia…(We’re out of Fairy Dust.)


And butterflies to top it off!


Those mini Sundae’s were so yummy! Now we have two jars to take to the in-laws for our nephew’s birthday party tomorrow. Wacky cake, homemade ice cream, and Q’s quick and healthy hot fudge sauce! YUM!

Q’s sauce would be great warmed and drizzled over ice cream or brownies. How about added to milk for chocolate milk or hot cocoa? Have it cold in a milkshake! Or maybe just have it off the end of a spoon when those chocolate cravings hit! Mmmmmmmmm!

Want to make some?

Q’s Quick and Healthy Hot Fudge Sauce

1/2 C milk skim

1/8 C cocoa powder (2 tablespoons)

1/3 C agave (corn syrup works well too)

2 chocolate candy bars 1.55oz

pinch salt

1 1/2 t vanilla

2T coconut oil

1.  Whisk in a sauce pan over medium heat: milk, cocoa powder, agave, candy bars, & salt

2. Bring to a boil for 3 min while whisking continuously

3. Remove from the heat and add the coconut oil and vanilla.  Return it to the heat and whisk well as you return it to a boil for ~1 minute

4. Remove from heat and cool

5. Store it in a sealed container for 1 week in the refrigerator….Will it last that long?  😉

Be creative or use what you need: try almond or soy milk, use butter instead of coconut oil,  use corn syrup, maple syrup, or honey. Try black cocoa! Use a different candy bar…maybe a PNB cup or a dark chocolate bar!!!!




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