E’s Sunday special: No Bake PNB Bars

Today, E decided to make a yummy dessert that I found on Pinterest. Interestingly enough, it was another recipe from Crazy for Crust! Here is E making No Bake Peanut Butter Bars.



She gathered her ingredients: pretzels(crushed), peanut butter, powdered sugar, butter, and chocolate chips.

Yes, we used butter this time; it was reduced fat butter. It was all we had in the house. I figured that because this was a no bake recipe, the butter had a more important role in the flavor, so I didn’t substitute it with coconut oil.

First, in a large bowl, she added the peanut butter to the crushed pretzels.IMG_1585

Then, she and Q added the melted butter, and powdered sugar.



No mixer this time. E hand mixed it.



And mixed and mixed until she finally got this.


When the pretzel mixture is completely mixed, set it aside and melt the chocolate chips and the remaining peanut butter in a microwave save bowl till melted. Stir it well between 30 second interval in the microwave. (I forgot to get a pic of this step.)

As the chocolate and peanut butter is melting,  pour the pretzel batter into a greased 13 X 9 pan and smooth it out.

IMG_1591 Pour the chocolate and peanut butter mixture on top of the pretzel layer and smooth it out. E liked the wispy look ;).


We refrigerated it for an hour before cutting. Very wise recommendation. It is very soft after making it, and it’s very soft if left out. We have had 80* again here so I think that is one reason why it was so soft even after we served it tonight….even with the a/c on.

Cut and serve!


Looks lovely, eh?

Everyone loved it! They ate it with a dollop of homemade ice cream. 🙂 I will say, it’s not my favorite. I’ve never been a fan of pretzels any way but straight up and crunchy.

I have some ideas on a different version of it….we’ll try it another time.

Want the recipe? Visit Dorothy at Crazy for Crust for this recipe!



Next time: I’ll show you what was suppose to be last time. I ended up subbing a couple dats last week, so I didn’t have time to post ;).

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