Super Cute and Easy Bow Clutch compliments of Whitney

Isn’t this cute?!!


This is the Bow Clutch created by Whitney of Elm Street Life. I think this was the first zipper I put into a purse/clutch….and probably the first proper zipper I put in anything 😉 .  I made one back when she first posted the tutorial for my mother. But, of course I forgot to get a picture of it before popping it in the mail.  It was blue with owls and and orange/white gingham bow. Very cute! So, when she asked me to make two in purples for her friends, I said, “Sure!”


I made these two clutches a week and a half ago, so I could send them out before surgery on the 14th. Well, they never got in the mail till this morning. Thank goodness because my sister-in-law noticed I’d forgotten to seal up the inside of one of them. I sat this morning and quickly sewed up the inside seam. Thanks, Jennifer!


Whitney’s tutorial is super easy to follow even for a first time zipper installation. The even sweeter part is that this can be done with fat quarters. I picked up a couple fat quarters from Fabric Mart last month that were perfect and the pinwheels were on sale at Wooden Bridge.


The bow clutch is super easy to put together. It can be done in about an hour. The more I make, the quicker I get :). Give it a try!


New surgery #2 date, Dec. 4th….right shoulder. Fingers crossed that whatever they find is a quick and easy fix and I’ll be sewing again in no time. I am going to try to get a couple things done next week before Friday if I can sit at my machine. I’m hopeful.



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