Knitting, knitting, crocheting…..knitting!!

I learned to knit from my friend Stacy. We were at their home one evening and she was knitting away on a beautiful sweater. I thought, “Hey, I want to learn to do that.”  I didn’t want to do a sweater really. I just wanted to knit cute little things like baby hats. She taught me to knit and eventually I took my newly learned skill and taught some of my students to knit as part of the “Knifty Knitter’s Club.”  We set out to knit baby caps to donate to the Reading Hospital. I had a rather big group of kids join, girls AND boys. Nice! The best knitter in the group was a boy, J. Wow, could that kid knit. His stitches were perfect, unlike mine! We ended up being able to take a few hats to the hospital for the newborns……and the next year it became the craft club. It was all fun while it lasted.

Then when I had E, I bought a knitting loom.



While I thought knitting would be quicker than it was, knitting on a loom was indeed quick and easy. I could pound a hat out in an evening especially if it was a newborn or toddler hat. I made  heaps of them. I donated them to the local hospital, to church for our bazaar, and some went to friends for their new babes.

This one is called Bubblegum- E’s all time favorite hat….I made her another one when she outgrew this one 😉


Even Q got some hats.


They’ve had many hats over the years. Several years ago fuzzy yarns became popular, so of course they each had a few hats made from fun yarn!


They rocked the fuzzy hats!


Candy cane hat


Since I can’t delay gratification and the loom was put away for a bit, I decided to try my hand at crocheting. I had seen people crocheting and it looked easier and quicker than knitting. It was easier, but I am not sure it was ‘quicker.’

Q got a simple classic gray beanie.


Then he got this striped beauty to take on vacation with us. It as a little big.

Hmmm, pike lets from Salamanca Market!


E brought hers on vacation too!

Sea life from Kingston, Blackman’s Bay, Dover Beach?? It was one of them. 😉


Love this yarn. I actually wore the hat the other day…yea, it was a teensy bit small. Must find this yarn again!


The last time I crocheted was for our trip to Australia in the summer of 2009, their winter time.  I only ever crocheted hats….that is, until a couple weeks ago when I saw this tutorial on Andrea’s Notebook from a girl named Maggie.

Simply Maggie does a great job of teaching the art of arm knitting and she has the cutest Great Danes. Check her out. She has a heap of tutorials like this one.

THIS is truly my kind of knitting.  I don’t need to lug around a loom, and it’s quick.

For the birthdays in Oct. and Nov….

My mom’s scarf…two toned to ensure it went with her brown coat.

Made two for my sister-in-law for her birthday.

This one is only 4 knits across and long.

IMG_1844This one is 8 knits wide and not as long.

IMG_1840 IMG_1842 My sister-in-law’s friend saw hers and liked it, so she got one too 🙂 I’m telling you…they are fun, quick and addicting!


(Didn’t realize it was blurry…but you get the idea.)IMG_3028

I am 6 days post shoulder surgery…I think I’ll try finger knitting with one of Maggie’s finger knitting videos. I can keep my right arm still and just use my left!! 🙂 Brilliant!

Hey, I need something to do as I pass the time!



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