Pockets + awesome = Airdrie Bag

I made a bag… A real bag… Not one with silly ole interior side pockets sewn into the sides.  I made one with multiple zipper pockets, a recessed zipper closure, and a real adjustable strap!!

The Airdrie Bag by Sew Much Ado has…..

  • an adjustable messenger strap (my first one~ it was easy!)
  • a recessed zipper closure (my first one~easy!)
  • a front-side magnetic snap pocket
  • a welt zippered pocket on the exterior backside (if you’ve never done welt pockets, you have to try one….the zipper is just an added bonus!)
  • 2 pockets in each side, gusset style
  • an interior zippered divider pocket
  • and interior elastic pockets (my first one~so fun!)



I’ve never been more satisfied with a bag that I’ve made! I’ve made a lot! This one really screams, USE ME!!! I’m constantly looking at purses and bags when we go shopping. I don’t usually by them because 1. they are usually pricey 2. I think, “I can make one just like that!” hahahaha and 3. most are too small for me.

So let’s talk size. I was carrying a medium size purse around that I bought when we visited Australia. The shape and material caught my eye. But by golly, it’s too darn small. You will never, ever say that about the Airdrie Bag!  This bag has room for absolutely everything you could possibly want to take along with you.


I can fit all the necessities needed for Q’s soccer tournaments…wipes, lotion, snacks, and extra gear so it’s not being strewn on the ground! When I made the transfer, I started filling it with everything I had in my purse and had so much room left over! I was giddy with excitement!  I didn’t have to take things out of my purse just to find what I was looking for! Yippee!


The exterior pocket  fits my wallet and he magnetic snap ensures it stays put.


Honestly, this bag makes me want to have another baby….or at least it’s the excuse to have another! 🙂 The interior pockets would be perfect for baby items. I can picture wipes and spare diapers in the gathered pockets. Since I’m not having another babe,  how about books or Hotwheels!


The interior divider zipper pocket is perfect for all my Mommy needs, lotion, a chapstick or two, and my coupons for JAF!

Then there are the pockets in the gusset.  Brilliant use of space! This is perfect for my keys! I like my keys to be easily accessible as well as a pen! Perfect pocket!

What an attractive little BIG purse this is!




I used a bottom weight denim for my bag that I bought at Fabric Mart for $3 a yard!  It has a slight stretch to it and a light sheen so it will be easy to clean.

The time and love you put in will be well worth it with all the pockets and details in the bag! Patience is needed. 🙂 The pattern took about 8-9 hrs from start to finish. I know my next one will be a lot quicker! (Iron the interfacing to your fabric before making the first cut= time saver! Abby’s pattern layout wastes very little fabric 🙂 so I will do this of my next one.)  You can print out all the pattern pieces or use Abby’s measurements for  the rectangular pieces.  Abby has great pictures and her tutorial is very well thought out with attention to sewing details. I’d also recommend it for intermediate seamstress.

While I enjoy using this bag, I can see E sneaking it away for some day trips or overnights with her friends.

Abby had a really great group of testers. You can see Megan’s  here and Sarah’s here.

You can find the pattern here for only $9. I told Abby that the time she put into this pattern had to be incredible. Well done, Abby! Thank you for letting me test for you again! It’s an honor.