About me

I started sewing in Home Ec. class as a senior in high school. I never finished my final project but managed to earn a C…or was it a C-? I took several years off until my mother gave me her machine; the one she bought when she got married. My husband snuck it out of the house to have it fixed for me. He’s so sweet!  It was a great machine, a 1969 Kenmore workhorse! It helped me make curtains and hem my husband’s pants. Before kids, I bought some baby girl patterns. They were so cute! Of course I forgot about them and E was too big to wear them!  Eight years later when the kids were 6 and 4, the sewing bug bit hard! I sewed on that workhorse for almost a year when my husband bought me a Brother Innovis Disney embroidery machine. It was all his idea! I had no clue there were Disney embroidery machines out there! I was very excited! Two and a half years later, he surprise me with a BL serger! And most recently, I bought an industrial hemming machine from a lady who was moving to Florida! Lucky me!


The kids sew too….we bought them their own machine because every time I got on mine, they stood in line with their own creations!

Q doesn’t sew much anymore. He will design something for me once in while, but E sews whenever she gets an inspiration. It’s usually something for our pup. We adopted a nearly 13 year old West Highland Terrier named Champ. He’s my shadow! <3


fabric champ